Microphones and acoustics!

After finishing my very successful Røde NTK mod I’ve completed three more microphones and one microphone tube preamp. People say I’ve gone mad… But I don’t care! 🙂

These microphones sound so f*%#+cking good and that preamp is my new baby!

Studio Improvements
We bought a quiet case for the computer in the studio which improved the situation a lot, it’s not dead quiet but much better. The biggest improvement though came when I built my own absorption panels and put up on the walls, can’t believe we’ve

IMG_6415 waited so long to do that! That should be the first thing to do before upgrading anything else in the studio! It’s easy to think that new microphones, preamps, plugins etc. will improve the quality of your recordings and tracks… Well, it will… But not to its full potential if you don’t treat your room first. So, now I’ve said that… Next up for treating the room will be some diffusers, home built of course…

The first microphone that I did was a pcb kit from microphone-parts.com and their RK-87 capsule. I put this inside a TSM microphone body that I had laying around.

I haRk-87d never before soldered components to a pcb so I guess you could use these pcb cards in education on how NOT to solder…. But hey, it works!


And not only works, this microphone is extremely quiet, open and clear! It sounds amazing!


The road to get there was bumpy but it was worth it!

The next mic was also a pcb kit from microphone-parts.com that fit inside a MXL990 microphone body. For this one I choose the RK-47 capsule. This time soldering went MUCH smoother and I feel I’m really starting to get a grip on soldering now.

This one sounded duller as expected, a bit more vintage… But equally low noise floor.

Austin ribbon micIMG_6222
Next up I started to build an Austin Ribbon Microphone. They also had a kit to fit inside a MXL990. This one was very tricky, you build the whole ribbon capsule/motor from scratch which was not really that hard. But when it comes to fit the actual ribbon, which is made out of EXTREMELY thin aluminum foil, things start to get rough… I ruined ALL of the foil that was included in the kit so I had to order more, I ordered that from a European site that sells ribbon motors and foil.

After much fiddling around with that ribbon again I finally had a working ribbon microphone! And it also sounds very nice! A bit noisy of course since ribbon mics have such low output. But the sound is roun
d and warm. It has a wonderful deep low end, I love it on bass and kick drum. Since ribbon mics are extremely fragile one has to be careful though not to put it in front of the hole of the kick drum as the air pressure from when the drum is hit easily can ruin the ribbon, but so far it works fine… AndStretching the ribbon I know how to fix it now! 🙂

My next project was the tube preamp designed by Pete Milett. I’m really excited about this one! I’ll let you know everything about it in a separate post…. To be continued… 

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